Automation & Process Control Overview

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Automation & Process Control Product Range Are you looking for products offering centralized DC 24 V power distribution for reliable protection of switch-mode power supplies? E-T-A's products for the automation & process control industry ensure minimal interruptions and a reduction in the overall cost of downtime of your machine tools, complete CNC machining centers and highly flexible production lines. E-T-A offers a wide variety of components and complete solutions such as: DIN Rail Mount Circuit Breakers Available in either thermal-magnetic or electronic technology, these products snap directly onto standard DIN Rail for easy integration into control panel designs. DIN Rail Mount Socket Breakers Available in either thermal-magnetic or electronic technology, these products allow assembly and wiring of complex systems prior to making final decisions of individual loads and can be conveniently removed in the event that troubleshooting is required. Fuse Replacement Available in either thermal or magnetic technology, these products plug directly into standard fuse holders, provide visible indication of failure and are resettable. Power Distribution Systems Whether you are looking for a standard power distribution system or a custom design E-T-A's power distribution systems offer main incoming power cable connections, pluggable circuit breaker protection and feeder outgoing device cable connections. Thermal Heating effect of current activates a bimetal thermal actuator, offering one of the most reliable and cost effective types of circuit protection. Thermal Magnetic Latching type bi-metal is combined with a magnetic coil to provide the joint benefits of delayed operation for low current protection and fast magnetic action on higher value short circuits. Magnetic Solenoid release fast acting device with precise tripping characteristics well suited for printed circuit board applications and high current devices. Speed of operation is limited only by the mechanical inertia of the mechanism. Electronic Provides fault detection for short circuit and current overload conditions. Identifies faults on 24 VDC circuits and selectively deactivates the faulted path. Designed to be installed into switch mode power supply applications. Figure 1: E-T-A product technologies

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