5 Reasons Digital Switching is a Boat Necessity

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| 2 | 5 Reasons Digital Switching is a Yacht Necessity PowerPlex ® E-T-A ® Yacht owners, like most luxury consumers, have high expectations. They want the very best and latest technologies, and an experi- ence that meets today's interactive world of smart phones, homes, and cars. Yet, so many yachts still provide a user experience and foundation that's limited by outdated analog systems. Now, yacht manufacturers have the tools needed to create a personalized, interactive experience for their customers through digital switching systems. Fuses, mechanical circuit breakers and switches are replaced by a digital switching power distribution system that runs on a CAN bus network. Such systems use digital circuit control modules or virtual switches to operate various loads, providing a range of ad- vantages for the yacht manufacturer, crew and owner alike. Why should you, as the boatbuilder, make the shift to digital switching on your next yacht model? 1. THE USER EXPERIENCE MEETS THE MODERN WORLD Digital switching systems may not be new to the marine in- dustry, but advancements are making them the expectation of today's discerning yacht buyer. Instead of toggling switch- es, the boat's electrical and mechanical systems can be con- trolled and monitored using touch screen interfaces. And be- cause these systems are built on a digital network, the GUI can be designed and customized to the specific customer or model line. Suddenly, traditionally complex interactions are now as simple as a swipe or tap of the finger. With a digital switching system, relevant data for electrical loads, sensors, and operations are monitored, processed, and displayed in real time, making it easy to address issues as they occur. Captains and crew can control systems like lighting and air conditioning, and monitor bilge pumps, batteries, and fresh water levels all from a single screen. A user can program lighting and entertainment components to respond to a customized sequence. And, the complete electri- cal onboard system can be configured to operate in a pre-de- termined way using the scenario-functions such as night mode or cruising mode. Better yet, certain digital switching systems – such as E-T-A's PowerPlex ® – even allow on-the-go monitoring and control us- ing a smartphone or other mobile device. Yacht owners and captains can turn on the courtesy or cabin lights before they board or check their security system while on shore.

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